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Eminem + walking (requested by anonymous

8 Mile Director: "When we were recording at the Shelter, it took us a lot of time to record the scenes there, and when we weren’t recording, the extras were starting to get bored, so we decided to do something special.

I announced that we would be having a contest, to choose 3 extras to battle eminem in an unscripted scene, and if we ended up using these scenes, it would be used in a way to introduce the 3 main battles at the end of the movie, as a silent montage. and the extras would still get the chance to battle in front of the crowd.

Unfortunately, after 3 days recording at the shelter, Eminem was starting to lose his voice so we told him not to speak and to pantomime his part while the extras battle him. Everything was going great, but things changed when eminem got the chance to go 2nd (second battle of the day), “Marv One” (extra) got a great response from the audience and the crowd began to taunt eminem.” (this is what happened when it was eminem’s turn.)


and I can say that and you’ll laugh cause there’s a puppet on my hand.